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Hi Guys

Posted: Fri Dec 15, 2017 9:55 pm
by FrankG
I just joined this forum after taking the plunge and deleting Windows 10 creators update and installing Ubuntu 17.10. So far I am loving Linux and Ubuntu, it's fast secure and there seems to be free software for everything! My only problem has been a flickering display which you can find my post about under the Ubuntu section. If you know of a way to fix it and keep the newer and i think better? Wayland display driver working (currently the only solution I was able to find was to revert back to the older XORG driver) please let me know.
Other than that one minor problem I am loving Ubuntu 17.10 and am learning new things everyday. I may soon convert my work desktop over to Ubuntu 17.10 also as long as I can run a couple windows only programs that I need for my work I understand that there are a couple windows emulators for that.
Well that's all I have going on for now.